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Tickled with love (2007) by Marion Michell

"Tickled with love" (2007) by Marion Michell
Materials: crocheted from baby-blue synthetic yarn, adapted coat-hangers
Dimensions: 85 cm x 65 cm

Marion is severely affected with ME and makes her artwork lying on the floor, slowly, steadily, when she at all can, using materials that are light enough for her to work with.

Artwork by Philip

by Philip

Artwork 2 by Philip

by Philip
Painted in our art class.

Beach Huts by Lesley

"Beach Huts" by Lesley
Materials: cross-stitch embroidery

It felt meditative, purposeful, gently challenging (both physically & cognitively) to the way I'd been feeling and the colours of the threads are just gorgeous and a kind of therapy in themselves.

collage by Krishna Ganase

painting by Krishna Ganase
Collage and painting by Krishna Ganase, produced in our art class

painting by Francis Murphy

Painting by Francis Murphy, in healthier times.

Francis's website is at

Picture by Helen

by Helen
Picasso-like head shows the effects of ME

Picture 2 by Helen

by Helen
This picture shows the state of mind of a person with ME, their life all in turmoil. The worst effect of a long-term illness can be to feel as if life is shot out of you like the arrow shoots the bird.
Painted in our art class.

cartoon by Geraldine Walsh

"Like a detective" by Geraldine Walsh
It was one of the early symptoms that signaled the onset of what was later diagnosed as an immune disorder with M.E type symptoms. But as her homeopath said - 'to find the right diagnosis - you have to be like a detective'.

Geraldine's website is at

picture by Helen McConnell

by Helen McConnell

picture 2 by Helen McConnell

by Helen McConnell
Helen has moved out of London to the Norfolk coast where she gets lots of inspiration for her art.
"I feel connected to nature and the seasons."
Helen works with pressed flowers and leaves, selling originals and giclée prints.   01328 712217

Break and Collapse 1 by Nicola Field

"Break and Collapse 1" by Nicola Field

Unite The Resistance by Nicola Field

"Unite The Resistance" by Nicola Field
Nicola Field is a writer, artist, filmmaker and activist. These are photographs of fine clay pots she made as part of a mixed-media project, How To Be Strong.


"Curtains" by Mo

Mo is an Artist and writer