This is a group event which now takes place regularly each month. Members can see our activity leaflet for details.

The venue is described by members as spacious, warm and welcoming, and there is the added bonus of cakes and drinks to aid socialising after the session.

The intention is to provide a therapeutic activity for ME sufferers that is more accessible than one requiring more energy and better health. We hope you will be encouraged to come along. Below are several videos and an audio to introduce you to the practice, which will hopefully distract you from your symptoms for a while and induce a refreshed, calmer state of mind.

Meditation means slightly different things to different people although the aim is always to induce a feeling of well-being. In general, it's a technique for training the mind to focus on the consciousness while putting aside other thoughts and external disturbances. Over the centuries it has been (and often still is) part of almost every religion in one form or another, but in the '60s and '70s it took on a more secular form. It has been widely adopted as an alternative health treatment, and we regard it as such in our monthly session.

There are several monthly "leaders" of the sessions. The two regular leaders of the sessions are Ulanah Morris (see more below) and David Ford. (

For people with ME, meditation will not be a cure but it can help with some aspects of the illness. Some of the benefits might be:
  • More serenity
  • Better sleep
  • A calmer mind, and an ability to ignore distractions
  • A sense of being more at ease with yourself
  • A sense of being more at ease with others
  • Clearer thinking gained through periods of contemplation and introspection
  • A feeling of freedom and quiet inner confidence
  • Time for yourself
Attached are three videos presented by Ulanah Morris. She has a lovely soothing voice to lead you into the meditations. Although these are in video format our expectation is that you will listen to them rather than watch. Please make yourself comfortable in whatever position suits you and start one going.
  • This video lasts around 13 minutes and has an introduction to meditation followed by a very short meditation. After the first time you may wish to start at the meditation, skipping the introduction.
Meditation - Intro & 1 Minute Mindfulness:

  • This video is about 31 minutes long; it includes an introduction from Ulanah who then guides you through a loving kindness meditation. After the first time you may wish to start at the meditation.
Meditation - Intro & 15 Minute Loving Kindness:

  • This video is 30 minutes long and was made during a regular monthly session with members attending. Ulanah leads us through a Yoga Nidra meditation whose aim is relaxation.
Meditation - 30 Minute Relaxation Class:

  • This is a recording from a monthly class where Ulanah leads us though a meditation of almost an hour.
Meditation - Healing