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"Sunrise" by Su Peneycad

Blue Trolley

"Blue Trolley" by Su Peneycad

Ruskin Park 1

"Ruskin Park" by Robert

Ruskin Park 2

"Ruskin Park" by Robert


"Spring Splendour" by Brightstar

Blackheath Common

"Blackheath Common" by Brightstar
For me, photography is providing an outlet for a small world that doesn‘t revolve around ME but around the subject I am photographing. It literally involves looking at things with a different perspective.

Angelica archangelica

"Angelica archangelica" by IzzyB

Blue sow thistle

"Blue sow thistle" by IzzyB
I trained as a medical herbalist in more energetic days but have never been well enough to practise. Now photography helps me keep me in touch with plants and nature in a gentler way. I use a very lightweight camera and mainly use automatic settings as my brain struggles with the techy stuff, so I just take a lot of shots and hope one or two come out well, as these ones did.

photo 1

by Alison Szur

photo 2

by Alison Szur

photo 1

by Mo


Lewisham Sunset 1

"Lewisham Sunset 1" by Patricia

Lewisham Sunset 2

"Lewisham Sunset 2" by Patricia